Mg+Elements (Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper; Cadmium, Lead, Mercury) & Vitamin D


Check your levels of essential elements and for levels of toxicity.



Elements that make up all chemical compounds fall in two general categories in regard to human health – those that are essential (nutritional elements), and those that are toxic (toxic elements).  These elements, both essential and toxic, are found in food, water, supplements, soil, and even in the air (air pollution is a source of toxic elements).

The following are included in this blood spot test:

Vitamin D Blood Spot Test with

Essential/Nutritional Elements:

  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Zinc:Copper Ratio

Toxic Elements/Heavy Metals:

  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Mercury

It is important for essential elements to be within their normal or optimal range in order to fulfill their roles in maintaining health.  When an essential element is out of range, it can lead to disease or sub-optimal functioning.  Some essential elements, such as selenium, copper and zinc, can become toxic when they are too high.

Toxic elements have no known nutritional benefit and are known to interfere with proper functioning of proteins, lipids, and DNA within the cells.  They can also interfere with essential elements by blocking their availability within the body.  The three toxic elements tested with this panel, cadmium, lead and mercury, are in the top four of what the CDC considers the most toxic heavy metals, according to their priority list of hazardous substances.  These three toxic elements are retained in the body making their effects more pronounced with age as they accumulate.

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