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Join the D*action project to prevent breast cancer NOW for you, your family, your friends and become part of an international project to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic. You may also choose to combine your vitamin D test with an Omega-3 Index test to look further at your personal omega-3 fatty acid level and how it may also be affecting your health.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Project for all women.

When you order your kit from GrassroootsHealth, you will also be participating in the world’s largest vitamin D project to solve the deficiency, D*action. Personalized information and charts are included to help you track your health outcomes over time and compare them to your vitamin D serum level, and, to others in the project.

Your participation in the testing and sharing your results with your health status, over the next 5 years or for however long you choose, will also enable us to inform the public about the status of vitamin D (and possibly omega-3s) in this population and track health outcomes associated with each nutrient’s intake and resulting blood level, specifically the incidence of breast cancer. Deficiency of either of these vital nutrients and their negative health consequences do not need to exist. This project depends on a true ‘GrassrootsHealth’ movement. We can do it together!

You may choose to enroll 1-time to test your levels with an extended health questionnaire or you may participate for the full 5 year project where you provide your health information along with a vitamin D test (and Omega-3 Index test if you choose) each 6 months for the 5 year period.

The one time vitamin D only test and participation is $79.00 plus shipping. The one time vitamin D and Omega-3 Index combo test and participation is $128.00 plus shipping. We are expecting to demonstrate the significance of these nutrients on many people’s health and, of course, in the prevention of many diseases. We very much appreciate your participation. Help us spread the word.


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