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Join the Magnesium*PLUS Focus Project for you, for anyone who wants to know how their magnesium, omega-3 and vitamin D intake and supplements are working for them.

How can you benefit from taking any/all of them? Key information will be gathered from each participant about their levels of each of these nutrients via home blood spot tests —the whole blood magnesium test, the Omega-3 Index, and the Vitamin D (25(OH)D) serum test. In addition to the tests, information about your health will be gathered through the online questionnaire, and optional targets/goals can be added with the myTrackers feature in the software.

It is with these measurements, from both the blood measures and your health information, that the GrassrootsHealth Nutrient Research Institute can put the power of its demonstrated science and methodology behind the information for you.

What are my nutrient levels? How are they affecting me?

How do they seem to be associated with any various health outcomes in the total group (over 15,000) from pain to asthma to preterm births to risks of various cancers and other conditions?

How do my levels and health outcomes compare with others?

What do other nutrient researchers recommend?

What is participation?

Testing for Magnesium, Omega-3 Index and Vitamin D each 6 months for a minimum of 2 sets of tests and information, an option to continue for a longer period, and an option to add other tests that you may desire. Each time you test, you will be completing a new health questionnaire.

The fee for participation in this project is $197 plus shipping each 6 months or with each testing sequence (for magnesium, Omega-3 Index, and vitamin D tests only; price may change if you choose to include additional tests).  Suggested optional tests for this project include the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test for and additional $59, and/or the Elements Panel (Magnesium along with Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Zinc:Coper Ratio, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury) for an additional $149.

Included automatically with this subscription is the use of the myData-myAnswers personalized health software along with special reports to you showing analysis of your individual data as well as comparisons of where you are with everyone else in the project.

We are expecting to show a new ‘dose-response’ curve for several key magnesium compounds (each will be different based in part on their absorption capabilities) so we can more specifically correlate the information with various health outcomes—this will be a first in this industry and a great benefit to your health to enable you to more quickly target your outcomes with specific doses/actions. We will also analyze the magnesium values with the vitamin D and omega-3 values so we can share how they might support each other—again, to enable your own health decisions.


If you have previously received vitamin D results in the D*action project, please log in here.  Otherwise, if you are a new participant

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